I have worked in the fields of technology, journalism, literature, and public service organizations. I have analyzed, investigated, and made things happen.

Sample accomplishments:

  • Conducted feature research and planning for a new software product.
  • Created an email newsletter for executives in nonprofit organizations and published monthly issues for three years.
  • Conducted research and planning for a technology training program for nonprofit organizations.
  • Raised over $2.4 million in grant funds for various organizations.
  • Got pulled onto a high-pressure, high-profile technology consulting project and was instrumental in delivering the solution on time and on budget.
  • Rewrote nearly the entire help file for a new version of a software product.
  • Published technical articles on software-related topics from importing files to developing regular expressions.
  • Served as a columnist for Princeton’s campus newspaper.
  • Published journalism in,, Durham (NC) Herald-Sun, and other publications.

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